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Monday 16 May 2011

SDP again

Today was my first Short Duration Patrol since I got back, and it was a a trip both down memory lane and down slippery, muddy barely-there roads... it was to the same area as we went back when I was patrol leader for the first time.

But off course, the day started way earlier than that:
 Early morning in Yei - it can be a near magical place at times. Other times it's just hot, dusty and humid...
 The JMT at our destination - Peruvian UNMO, SAF NM, Secretary of the Sub Boma, Nepalese UNMO, SPLA NM, local SPLA officer, Sub Boma Chief and yours truly.
On the way back we had a five minute technical stop - or as they call it in civie street, pee break. 
 Turns out we stopped under a cluster of mango trees, and it is the season for ripe mango to come off the branches...
 ...as can be seen on the ground in these pictures.
When I finally got back "home" the cleaners have found yet another way to do my bed... I suspect it's something of a game for them to come up with new ways every day.

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