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Sunday 29 May 2011

Imperfect camouflage, Nepalese lunch and tiny trees

I was just heading down to he office when I spotted this little critter sitting on my front door. His camouflage might been perfect if he's been sitting on a tree and imitating a thorn... less so when on a bright white door.

Later in the day the entire team was invited to the ECS Guesthouse for a Nepalese dinner.. the ECS has a nice compound, but like most of Yei the drainage could be better. They have a nice tukul in the middle with a raised floor and thatched roof, so we stayed nice and dry.
 When it rains, it pours... lots.
 A well thatched tukul stays cool and dry, no matter what the weather is like.
 Lots and lots of tasty Nepalese food - needless to say we made short work of the lot.

After coming back from the lunch, I happened to notice that some of the trees in camp have taken the opportunity to sprout not just flowers, but fruits as well. I have no real idea what sort of trees they are though...
 This wasn't there two weeks ago..
 This one wasn't there last week...
 And I'm pretty sure that wasn't there yesterday.
 The tree itself isn't huge - the trunk is as tall as the roof on our office.

 Fruit in the making? Berries? I just have to wait and see.
 While the tree looks quite similar to the one by our office, the flowers looks very different.
 Don't smell like much though.
The whole think is about as tall as I am, and grows right outside my front door.

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