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Friday 13 May 2011

Bedrolls, cats and planing parties

Today was another busy, yet slow day... We got our Peruvian friend on the helicopter bound for Juba today, and hopefully he will make a speedy recovery.

When I went to my container to have a late lunch, it was obvious that I'm in for another round of interesting bedsheets; yesterday my bed was all twisted, today it was all rolled up:
 I guess I just pull on one end and the whole things unrolls...

Then, as I was about finished with my lunch, a certain girl snuck into my container and demanded attentions... and lots of it. She wasn't happy before I had sat on the floor for a good ten minutes with her in my lap, giving her a good brushing... she's taken to the brush really well, considering that a week ago she didn't even know what one was. She also likes the cod liver oil I brought for her from Norway, both pure and drizzled over her food.
 Stop messing with the camera and get back to brushing... now!

Being Friday, the last task for the day was manning the bar along with one of the Canadian UNPOLs.. even though we only had a couple of customers it was nice, we talked a lot and agreed to work towards making a huge part on July 9th - and if you don't realize why we picked that day you need to read up on whats going to happen in Sudan. It was a nice, almost cloudless evening, so the moon peeked out too:
We like the moon...

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