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Monday 9 May 2011

Duty, malaria and new arrivals

I had figured that today would be a slow day since I was taking my stint as the duty officer (which is a combination of Officer of the Day and Phone Guard)... no such luck, luckily. It would been boring, wouldn't it?

For starters, we got word that we're getting yet another UNMO! A redeployment from Abyei, so my first mission were to get as much information as possible for our files. That wasn't too much work, but it did take some time.

Later, after two of our guys had left Yei for the last time (they are going home after their tour of duty) and the other Norwegian had arrived from his leave, we figured out why one of our Peruvian colleagues were looking a bit worse for wear: Malaria, and a bad case too. He has spend the last few hours in our little clinic, being rehydrated and using up a fair part of our meager stock of saline solution. He's doing a little better now, but we have still taken him off duty for the next week... better safe than sorry.

Which off course means that we have to redo the entire schedule for this week... yay paperwork...

Or, if you prefer the short version of all that: SNAFU - as it often is in the UN.

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