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Friday 6 May 2011

Back in Yei once again

The best thing about being back is that you're done traveling... since I started my mission last September I've spent enough time waiting at airports to last me a lifetime.

So apart from getting up way to early, what have happened today? Well...

The airport cat at the UN terminal in Khartoum have gotten kittens! Three little bundles playing under an overhang while mummy kept watch, about the size of my palm.

The wait in Juba got better due to a surprise find in the little café there...
 A liquid surprise, no less. Nice and dry Danish Ginger Beer! Made my wait that much more bearable...

Once down in Yei, it was time to head down to the Blue and hang the new flag I brought with me... after all, that's why I brought it down here.
 Looks good... and big. How big you ask? Oh, pretty big - two and a half meter on the long side, suitable for flagpoles eight to ten meters tall...
 Or put differently, the blue stripe is almost as wide as my head - and I got a durn thick head!

And off course, AC was happy to see me.. so happy that she waylaid me on my way into my container in the evening, demanding attentions and lap time before she would even consider being bought off with a bit of milk on the outside. The bright side of that was that I got to introduce her to something I brought with me just for her:
Yes, a brush... and she seemed to enjoy it, flipping around in my lap as I was sitting on the floor, furiously kneading my leg... She actually have sharp claws on her dewclaws too, something I didn't realized that cats even had - I've been under the impression that it was just a little stub of bone.

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