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Sunday 22 May 2011

Surprise find in the shop

Needing more bread and other staples, I headed down to the so called super market today.. and walked away with more than I had originally planed for:
Oats and beans... I've eaten all the oat porridge I had brought with me from Norway, so the white oats is a great find. And the beans, well, baked beans have always been a favorite of mine. And the jam have not been seen for a couple of months, so that was a welcome find too.

A bit later in the day we got rains - started as "just" heavy rain, but after half an hours we had a rainstorm complete with thunder, lightning and gusts of wind that made my container creak like clipper running a storm around the Cape of Good Hope, loaded to the gunwales with tea...
The beginning of the rainstorm

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  1. I've got an idea how that was, a very good idea. Hope you got some good boots!