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Saturday 9 April 2011

Just another Saturday in Yei

A reasonable slow day, yet busy. Funny how things work that way...

In the morning we had a short training session on how to deal with helicopters arriving after dark, complete with setting out the landing lights and radio procedures. In the afternoon I did some housework and shopping, and in the evening we kept The Blue open again. Had about a dozen guests all told - both UN staff and NGOs. If we can keep The Blue open every weekend, the word will spread quickly and the next party (which I think will be the weekend I get back to Yei after my upcoming leave) will be a smash hit.

AC managed to sneak her way to a bowl of milk both for lunch and for an evening snack, and paid me back by kneading my leg and arm as she was a lapcat for all of five minutes. Kittens are fun, but have the attention span of a goldfish - any odd noise must be investigated!

Tomorrow I'll start packing my bags; I'll be heading up to Juba on Monday for a meeting of all the Norwegian UNMOs, and onward to Khartoum on Tuesday so I can catch the very, very early flight on Wednesday to head home for my leave. And by very early I mean 0120... the bars in Yei haven't even closed for the night at that time.

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