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Monday 24 January 2011

Going on Long Duration Patrol

Tomorrow morning I'll he heading out on my first Long Duration Patrol - as patrol leader, no less. And while it might have been nice to have been on one before I set out as the one running th show, I have to admit that of the ones going I may be the best choice. Not that the others are not good or lazy - it's just that this is a patrol of newbies. And off the new guys, I been here long enough to become an old hand...
Probably way to much stuff for a couple of days, but better to put too much stuff in the car than too little. Clockwise; my electronic bookshelf, spare batteries, my GPS, two packs of Digestive crackers, mess kit, bread, coffee, peanut butter, dehydrated dinners, sat-phone, flashlight, mosquito repellent, hand sanitizer and my little computer.

Off course, in addition, I'll carry spare clothes, sleeping bag and mosquito net, as well as the standard patrol kit.

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  1. Sounds like you're prepared for just about anything, HM. :) Hope it goes well and stay safe!