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Tuesday 4 January 2011

Yet another SDP

We went on a Short Duration Patrol today - like we do most weekdays. Today the village actually existed, but in a different spot than on our maps. But getting there wasn't too bad (even if the guys in the back seat of my car quickly realized why I had told them to buckle up), and just to make the day perfect the Chief was home and more than happy to have a talk with us. They had made this really nice place to sit too - a open framework of wood that they had encouraged some creeper of some kind to grow all over. It was nice to sit in the shade with the hens and chickens walking around our feet...
 Our "good" vehicle with newly fitted mud tires... tires that were ordered before the last wet season.
 My future is so bright, I got to wear shades...
The Joint Military Team, the local Chief and his family in front of their naturally grown sunshade.
The local borehole - despite being installed as recently as 2009, the water it yields is discolored, full of sediments and unsuited for drinking. They do however use it for cooking, but have to let it stand for a full day for the sediments to settle. I'm not sure if they drilled to shallow, or if the pipe has rusted through.

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