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Tuesday 25 January 2011

Blogpost from under the breadnut tree

Thanks to the combined wonders of my Eee, my mobile dongle and a nearby cell tower*, I am sitting under a breadnut writing this... no, I didn't know what a breadnut tree was until today, but it provides plenty of shade.

Morobo is... well, nice seems to cover it well. Since I have to preserve batteries, pictures will have to wait until I'm back at the team site. We have set up a temporary base at one of the guest houses in Morobo Town, and I opted for the luxury accommodation - my very own tukul  for a whooping 10 Sudanese pounds a night... or about 3.30$. Some of the guys went tot he market to shop for food, but I have more than enough for now... I might opt for dinner at one of the local resturants though, if combat rations don't tempt me when the time comes to eat. In the mean time, I'll just scribble on my patrol report, read a bit and in general just enjoy the shade of the breadnut tree...

*) and yet most of the people down here lives just as they did when Livingstone was hacking his way through the bush...

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  1. Funny coincidence: I began writing what I hoped would be a book about my Peace Corps experience and called it "Under the Breadnut Tree: Memories and Fantasies of a Peace Corps Volunteer."

    I recently Googled under the bread nut tree when I found the 102 pages I had written and thought about finishing it.