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Tuesday 18 January 2011

Just another day in the UN

I was going to go on Air Patrol today, but since that got cancelled this morning (no word on why), we had to improvise... so along with one of the Peruvian UNMOs I went for a three hour town patrol instead.

The first hour or so was spent driving around a part of Yei we haven't been in before, without finding the spot we were looking for (the administrative office for that part of town). The rest - after we had let of our Language Assistant) was spent first finding back to Iris Orphanage and then discussing with Michelle Perry - the quite charismatic leader of Iris Ministries in Sudan - about possible Quick Impact Projects she would like us to help them apply for money for through the UN system. All of her plans are well though out and - crucially - not only benefiting their compound but also with the best intentions for the surrounding communities. For instance, she has a wish to improve the road... which will make it easier for everyone living in that corner to get to the market and the hospital.

Overall I'm impressed with the forward planning she brought to the table - even more so since our visit took her by surprise. We also got a bit of talking in about Iris in general and their operation in Yei in particular... about 100 kids taken in, either due to lack of families or because they come from broken homes, to be feed, educated and turned into responsible young adult... the youngest so far was eleven hours when he arrived in a bucket by their doorstep. And he is far from the only baby taken in - sadly enough there is a steady stream of newborn who's parents for some reason are not able to look after them properly.

I do hope we'll be able to help them fund some of their projects... while the orphanage isn't as important to me personally as the YWAM School, it is extremely important to all he people they help in one way or the other.

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