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Friday 28 January 2011

Back from Long Duration Patrol

While it was nice to be on patrol, it certainly is nice to be back in the Team Site again - even more so after a nice, warm and long shower.

There is a few lessons learned from this, my first, Long Duration Patrol:

  • What I consider fairly standard outfit - mosquito dome, sleeping bag, portable alcohol stove - will be oh-ed and awed over by the other UNMOs and the Force Protections.
  • The less standard kit I carry - me Eee and my Sony Reader - even more so.
  • Bring less food.
  • Bring more civilian clothes.
  • Sunrises in deepest Africa can be awesome.
  • Starry nights in deepest Africa even more so.
  • The GPS is invaluable.
  • Writing the report from a LDP takes much longer time than from a SDP.
I still need to go through the tons of photos and select a few dozen for posting.

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