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Thursday 13 January 2011

A very long Short Duration Patrol

Yesterday we were tasked to conduct a Short Duration Patrol to a place that we so far only have had Long Duration Patrols to - because it's so far off on bad roads. In short, we made it there and back in record time (3½ hour each way - previous best was 6 with Force Protection) at the cost of being very, very stiff and sore after being bumped around in the car all day. Our main task was to assess the security around the referendum, and also learn if there had been any incidents in regards to the referendum... which there hadn't. Everything is going very smoothly in the hinterlands (so hinter that you got to travel two hours to get your cell phone to work), just like everywhere else in our area.

On the bright side, I learned a new term for a really, really bad road; the road is dancing! The only problem is that each side of the rut dance to a different beat...

I did get some photos though, and two videos as well:

The amazing swimming UNMO car!

The dancing road!

PS: Would have posted this last night, but uploading videos over a 20 - 60 kbps connection takes ages...

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