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Saturday 8 January 2011

Some photos around Yei

 The gate to our Team Site - past this is our turf and our rules. Barely visible in the picture is the sign stating "no entry with arms".
This is about halfway between Yei River and the town center proper - fairly typical residential area in Yei.
 A bit further along the same road. One thing we're not lacking is radio masts...
 The local equivalent of a high security fence. Organic, biodegradable and- if you wait long enough - green. Also really though to break through when it's well maintained, since the bamboo act more or less as leaf-springs.
 More of the same street as above. In this area the road acts as the invisible line between the town (on the left) and the suburbs (right).
 A quick shot through the back of the car - you can see how the tukuls are constructed in this one since the corner of the roof is deteriorating.
 Same road as before, but we've reached the market at this point. The first part of the market (or the last, if you come from the opposite direction) is the livestock market - mostly chickens today.
 Turning in to the market street proper. If there is anything you need, this is the place to find it cheaply.
 About two-thirds of the way down the market street, notice the stalls on either side of the road. The ditches are deep to carry the large amounts of rain Yei experiences during the rainy season.
 Need shoes? We got shoes - some might even be genuine brands!
 The County Commissioners offices - notice the modern and hygienic ablutions to the right of the building. Less modern facilities would not have a separate door for women, less hygienic facilities would just be a tree to hide behind...
 Freedom Square is the beating heart of the town. If anything takes place in the way of civic ceremonies, demonstrations, community celebrations, sports events or simply people hanging out... Freedom Square is where it happens.
 Still next to Freedom Square. In front is the biggest roundabout in town, as well as a local police patrol (pickup with a huge flag). Local security forces have picked up the pace the last few weeks, obviously not wanting any interference with the upcoming Referendum.
 Wiev from the roundabout, down along Freedom Square. Two blocks down this road is the "super market" and bakery.
 Yei Hospital, one of the most modern in Central Equatoria. They even have an x-ray machine that works, and people who knows how to use it. According to the head surgeon, they haven't lost a patient on the operating table in several years. Health care have clearly been a priority for the local administration since the CPA went into effect.
 This is ECS Guesthouse, where several of the other UNMOs lives. The standard is higher than most of town, but so is the price: 250USD/month for a single occupant room.
Spirit FM at 99.9MHz is one of the more popular local stations. One of these days I might swing by just to say hello and see what they are up to.
Just a short clip taken by my photo camera, driving along the main road between downtown Yei and the Team Site.

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  1. All things considered, Yei Town seems to be a fairly prosperous and pleasant area. The main street is very clean. I'm glad you could share the pictures.

    I hope tomorrow goes well in Yei.