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Monday 11 April 2011

Very busy day

Lets face it - I'm pretty beat right now.

This morning I had to make sure all the various papers and plans were ready for the G1 before I went on leave, and we had a meeting in the Welfare Committee to make sure everything would run smoothly with the Chairman (one of the Canadian UNPOLs) and the Treasurer (me) both away from the Team Site...

...that meeting was cut short by the helicopter arriving an hour or so before it's usual time, meaning we had to bolt. Once in Juba, the rest of the day was even busier - while mostly sitting still. While the Contingent Meeting was very interesting, with the Norwegian Senior informing us of what the current plan for the mission after 9th July is, the main reason we were gathered has been a little more hush-hush.... I'll talk about it when the news hits the media, but let it be sufficient to say right now that it involved a lot of sitting still in a variety of not to comfortable chairs. Still, even if I'm stiff and sore and not done - have another half day of it tomorrow - it have been interesting, informative and hopefully will be for the best.

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