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Thursday 7 April 2011

Cat at the door and SDP

As I opened my door to head to the office this morning, someone was waiting for me... luckily for her, I bought milk yesterday:
Tasty, tasty milk.
Please Sir, could I have another? Why, yes off course!
Later in the day I was Patrol Leader on a Short Duration Patrol down to Kaya, on the border to Uganda - partly to pick up two of our guys returning back from leave. It was very interesting to see the difference in vegetation since I was down there last in January.
 Not all cars make it all the way... and the ones which breaks down are broken down for parts.
 Little mountains dot the landscape... magma pipes? I don't know...
 Five minutes of "technical break".
 View towards the Kaya area and the Ugandan border.
 The suburbs of Kaya... living in the 'burbs is less desirable in South Sudan than it is in most of the western world.
The same little mountain as two pics ago, seen from the other side - the climb up is pretty steep, and a 4X4 is very handy to have.

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