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Friday 8 April 2011

Cats and bars

Or rather; one cat and one bar - Miss AC and The Blue.

Miss AC was most assuredly soaking up attention today - managed to talk me into giving her a bit of milk for both breakfast and lunch, the clever little lady.
 ..part of a delicious breakfast.
"Sure, you just go to the office - I'll keep this tasty milk safe in my tummy." 
Keeping me company for lunch
 "What you doing down here?"
 Tasty, tasty milk.. make sure to get every last drop
 And after lunch, lets explore... here AC is sniffing my radio, after having already examined my laptop and lunch.
 "I'm sure there is a lap here somewhere..."
 Furiously kneading.
Later in the afternoon we opened The Blue, just so people could swing by if they wanted a drink or a chat. And while they didn't make a run on the bar, like last weekend, it wasn't really bad either. We sold for about 90 pounds, meaning a profit around 25 pounds. Not shabby at all, seeing as how Friday really isn't that much of a party night in Yei anyway - the big day is Saturday and we'll be open.
 More decorations have made their way to our staff club.
The bar is looking more and more impressive. I especially like the wide range of non-alcoholic drinks to be had - water, two kinds of juice and six kinds of soda.

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