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Sunday 20 February 2011

Getting ready to head back to Sudan

Even the best times must come to an end, and so must my leave. Tomorrow evening I will be heading to the airport, to catch a plane before dawn on Tuesday - which means today was the last "normal" day on leave.

Well, as normal as can be on a Sunday in February when you try to squeeze it dry. My better half and I first went shopping at the local garden store - picking up of all things a stevia plant - before heading down to Sweden on the combined mission of going on a trip and get the last odds and ends for the pantry. Tomorrow I'll do the last little things that needs doing; visiting the post office, grabbing a couple of rolls of films, grab one or two things in the grocery store and wash the car before parking it for the next couple of months.

 Snow, snow and more snow... I won't see this in Sudan, nor have to deal with temperatures around -16ºC (3ºF) either.
Today's haul - juice, instant tea, crackers and other odds and ends.

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