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Tuesday 22 February 2011

Back at the Norwegian House

The worst part of travel is the waiting... and the waiting... and the waiting.

The flights themselves were pretty okay - the short jump from Oslo to Amsterdam was mostly lost in zoning out, while the longer trek from Amsterdam to Khartoum was spent watching movies on the tiny screen in the seat in front of me. First out was "Master and Commander", while the second was the horrible animated "Lord of the Rings"... you either have to be really tired or possible have smoked something illegal to enjoy that movie. Good thing I was that tired...

Due to the fact that the AdmOff was off on a farewell dinner, I and the other UNMO who arrived tonight had to grab a taxi to get to the Norwegian House... even if we up until today have been told to never do that. Lets just say someone is going to hear about that later...

Time to grab some sleep - have to get up way to early tomorrow to grab the flight to Juba and on towards Yei.

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