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Wednesday 23 February 2011

In Yei again, thankfully

I have reached a staggering conclusion; traveling is at it's best a mind numbing experience. At least rushing between flights means I didn't have to hang around at the terminal in Juba... I did get to hang around the terminal in El Obeid while our CRJ-100 was refueled, and as usual we had to hang around the helipad in Torit  while the Mi-8TV was refueled, but at least I didn't hang around in Juba.
It is nice to be back in "my" team site... this is the corner of Sudan where I got my stuff and my bed, and people I can consider friends. Speaking of which - I hadn't been in the Team Site for more than an hour and a half before I was invited to dine with BanBat again along with the other Norwegian UNMO. Saves me from trying to make dinner today, and means I'll have a very full tummy when I go to bed later.
Just stopping over at Team Site Torit... in order to go to Yei we have to pass through Torit, a detour of about one and a half hour. It's logistics the UN way... and it's not entirely UNlogical either - neither Torit nor Yei usually sees enough traffic to warrant a flight on their own.
Just hanging out as the helicopter is refueled. Compared to Yei, Torit is very well equipped; a refueling station, fueling assistants, a large helipad with the possibility of keeping the rabble away... but Yei have better markets, actual restaurants with tasty foods and several bars.
Having fun yet? At this point it was two and a half days since I had gotten any real sleep... only reason I was standing up was due to stubbornness and large amounts of coffee, black, no sugar. Come to think of it, as I'm writing this those are still the only reasons I'm upright... along with the prospect of yummy food off course.
Sometimes I think you can only have so much of nothing before you have to put a farm down... just to have something.
Yet sometimes something has to give way to nothing again... I think this is the foundations of a tukul that have been reclaimed by nature. Or a UFO landing site - depends how far of in loony land you are I guess.
Dry season means that grass fires can spread fast and wide at times.. like here. From the helicopter we could see pillars of smoke here and there as we went from Torit to Yei.

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  1. Glad to hear you got back safely, HM. :) Keep us updated on what you're up to over there.