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Wednesday 2 February 2011

Helping others help

Due to the kindness of others - you know who you are - I was able to hand over two envelopes with money to the YWAM school in Yei. The gifts were most welcome, and while the total isn't gigantic it'll help them more than a litte. The principal also excitedly told me that the furniture our old Team Site Leader donated money to should be ready when the school starts up again in two weeks time - right now it's just the teachers and workers in the compound, getting everything ready for the hordes to arrive.
In other happy news, the school have been able to gather up enough money to put a roof on their second building. This means that even if there is no doors, windows, wallpaint or furniture the new classrooms will be useable - taking a lot of the strain of the single building they have been using up until now. After all, you cannot properly teach close to 200 children in four classrooms...
 Handing over the envelopes. 
 Talking over future plans and possibilities.
The new building with the roof supports in place.
All in a all a most plesant visit, and a great way to spend the time while I'm waitig for the helicopter to take me on leave.

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