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Sunday 27 February 2011

Quiet Sunday

Even if we're supposed to be working 24/7 down here, it's usually more of a 10/6 for me... Sundays are days for resting and catching up on the housework. For me that means doing my laundry in the not-so-very-automatic washing machine, as well as doing whatever odds and ends I can to improve life in the container.

My latest "home improvement" was to create an outdoor enclosure for my USB Mobile "Broadband" dongle... if  cutting the top of a water bottle and mounting it outside my window with a piece of wire and some duct tape can be considered to be creating something. It works though - the quality of my connection and the speed has increased significantly, even if it is still basically pretty bad. Enough people have asked about this thing hanging on the outside of my window that I foresee future questions on help making more... that's okay, I got plenty of bottles.
Recycling, Yei style!
And just to make my day, a picture I sent from my cellphone when I was in Khartoum have finally made it to my email... just five days in transit - isn't modern technology w√ľnderbar, ja? Still, the reason I snapped it was to share, so here goes:
I present: The Airport Cat and his new sidekick, the Airport Kitty!
Other than that, it's been a quiet Sunday.. watched a couple of TV shows, worked on a couple of private documents and simply recharging my batteries.

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