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Thursday 3 February 2011

Homeward bound

The first stage of my travel home on leave is done... was done yesterday, in fact. The flight out of Yei was okay... so okay in fact that I spent most of the flight zoned out and halfway sleeping.
It is interesting in it's own way; the first flight I had in one of the ruskie helicopters was exciting since it was so different from the helicopters I'm used to, the second and third was great since I could see the lay of the land properly... but now it's just an opportunity for a quick nap.
The flight from Juba to Khartoum I spent reading for the most part - when I didn't have to show off my ebook reader that is. And once in Khartoum my bag was on the belt almost before I was ready for it, so that part went smooth too. The AdmOff was there to pick me up, and take me to the oases that is the Norwegian House...
The BBQ was already heating up when I got there, with piles of food waiting along with three recently arrived Norwegian Staff Officers. Good food, lots of it, and good talk... I ate way to much, but the AdmOff likes to see his hospitality appreciated in such tangible ways so that worked out well.
My plans for my day i Khartoum is simple - first I'll go back to napping for a bit longer (the prayer calls woke me up early), then I'll do a couple of errands, and then I'll pack my bag and get to the airport.

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