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Thursday 30 June 2011

Visited Youth With A Mission school in Yei again today.

Today I visited the YWAM school again, after not having gone for way too long. In addition to bringing my new G5 (CIMIC) with me, I carried an envelope of money from my parents and a box with 300 pens from my better half and me.

We got to speak to both the administrator and the headmaster, and I think my G5 should have sufficient enformation to start drafting a Quick Impact Project for the school to get a new block of classrooms. The YWAM has big plans for the future, but also looks at thing in a long timeframe - ten years down the line they want to be able to offer secondary school in addition to the nursery classes and primary schooling. to quite the administrator: "they will arrive when they are four years old and leave uss to go to Juba University."

The joy and thankfulness of receiving what I carried was plain and easy to see; just the pens means that they can release funds for other needed items. The cash will either go to feeding the children, for books or for repairs on their one car (no car means having to pay people to bring the 50 kg bags of flour for the daily porridge). I'm sure they will prioritise wisely.

I also learned that they are going to need more desks so the children don't have to sit on the floor. fifteen desks at one hundred and fifty pounds each don't sound much, but when you live of donations as the YWAM does it can be a very steep slope indeed. With the current exchange rate it's a bit more than 700 USD, a big amount when you can't afford to give each student their own pen...

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