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Sunday 26 June 2011

Some things are certain...

...like the fact that the Blue - our bar / staff club - is fast becoming a very popular place for both people inside and outside the UN to hang out. Yesterday we suddenly found ourselves with not just the normal crew (all four), but also with a number of the UNMOs and about fifteen or so NGOs who had decided that having a drink with us was preferable to the other options.

Two of my friends down here - a guy from Michigan (of all places) and his wife (Madagaskar) are getting ready to leave Yei after two years and move to the US; she'll be taking additional education and he've gotten a job relating to Afganistan. They are both quite excited to leave South Sudan and live somewhere a bit more civilized - even if it means short summers and two meters of snow in winter.

We also had a group from Norwegian Peoples Aid - NPA - over, and I got to talk a lot of Norwegian in the course of the evening. He wasn't too thrilled when he heard that the UN still don't know what will happen after the 9th July, but we quickly got talking about what other capabilities we would like to see Norway deploy to South Sudan... personally I favour an engineering company with well boring equipment.

Speaking of the time after the 9th; still no news but plenty of rumours. And it is only thirteen days left...

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