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Thursday 2 June 2011

Tasty dinner

It's not often I take out the "fine china", but today I decided to pull out all the stops and make fancy dinner.

Well, fancy for being container cooking. It turned out quite yummy, but I probably ate too much of it. I'm rather stuffed right now.
 One tin of chicken luncheon meat (84% meat!) and two local red onions. I rather like the red onions, they have a slightly sweet taste.
 The can came with a handy, dandy church key for tearing it open - which is good since my cheap can opener I bought in Khartoum is getting rather dull...
 That is one square chicken.... the meat is rather firm, and I was tempted to just eat it cold. But the onions were already in the pan, so I forged ahead with my original plan.
 Slices about 1 cm - or about 2/5" - were quickly cut, and stacked while I waited for the onions to finish.
With the onions out of the pan, I packed the sliced chicken meat into my small frying pan and heated it well. It made a nice crust as it fried up.
Speaking of onions...
Ready to eat: such a luxurious meal deserved my fancy place and good flatware.

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