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Saturday 11 June 2011

Long Duration Patrol to Lainya - the pictures

Quick roadside stop on the way to our Temporary Patrol Base.
Looking back...
My temporary accommodation.
Got to love the mosquito dome I got.
The row of tents in the TPB.
Close up of the tent - note the thatch roof.
Thatch roof, canvas roof, tent - no way rain is going to come through.
The ablutions were a little more... african.
Poking out of the plains are mountains... I'm fairly sure they are old lava pipes.
Just another mountain.
Most of the JMT with a boma administrator.
Traditional stove - aka some bricks and mud.
Modern life is making inroads though - that's the sprocket from a bike on the left.
Not the best of roads.
Everything is green, now that the rainy season is underway.
Ever so often a small farm dots the landscape.
Piece of land readied for cultivation my hacking away most of the vegetation and light it on fire.
Car, boat - whats the difference?
Notice the wake.
Another small farm.
Sometimes we could drive around the water.
Yupp, green.
See on the right? That is actually where the road is.
Not that the road is very drive-able by anything less than a tank though.
See that little patch of grass? Pay close attention...
...my driver didn't. And this was our nice car too.
In all fairness, it is very difficult to spot.
Unhappy driver taking photos.
In all fairness, there was nowhere else to drive - that puddle is too deep for the cars.
Some of the locals.
Farm, again.
Looks nice down here.
I had to buy some candles and matches to get a bit of light in my tent.
Me, the BanBat Commander and our SPLA Language Assistant.
More mountains.
Another landscape shoot.
And another.
In a tiny village in the middle of nowhere.
Landscape with elephant grass
Threatening rain - only got a light drizzle, but a nice light show on the horizon.
Making light.
BanBat all packed up and ready to go home
More landscapes.
Mountains, plains, buildings - Africa.
More mountains.
What can I say?
I like mountains.
A more colourful farmhouse
An all too familiar scene - the wife works the fields, the husband just hangs out. 
The second to last bridge before Yei.

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