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Wednesday 8 September 2010

Papers please...

Travelling to Sudan isn't quite as easy as strolling down to the shop to pick up a carton of milk, and requires a bit more paperwork than taking a vacation in the that strange place Norwegian calls the South (ie; somewhere warm and not Norway).

It's even more complicated than going to the US, even after the latest changes to the rules for doing that...

Anyhow, the last piece of the puzzle fell into place today; I got an electronic copy of my ticket. So now I got my Service Passport, my little yellow booklet with my vaccinations listed, my Entry Visa, my Travel Authorisation and my ticket... and add to that the entry form I need to fill out in flight with the address I'll be reachable at in Sudan and you got it all.

Okay, I kept you reading long enough - what you really would like to know is when I'm leaving, right?

My flight out of Norway is Sunday 19th at 10:20 in the morning, via Frankfurt and on towards Khartoum. I should arrive in Khartoum at 22:55 at night, which would be 21:55 Norwegian time and 15:55 in the afternoon EST.

Due to the fact that I have to check in at least two hours ahead of time (flying international and all), I need to take the bus that leaves from Moss shortly after 05:00 in the morning. Seems like my deployment day is going to be a very long day...

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