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Wednesday 22 September 2010

More training, more heat

A warm wind was blowing through the streets of Khartoum as we was waking to HQ this morning, bringing the smell of hot dessert into town. But even so I've realized that I don't sweet much more than I do at home in summer - the low humidity must have something to with it I think.

Khartoum is a city I haven't really gotten a great grip on yet...  it's warmer but less humid than Houston, got the dusty smell I recall from Malta in summer (only more so), and despite the hustle and bustle it just don't seem terrible busy. Most of the people we run into are smiling, and more than a few waves and says hello as we walk past. Despite being in a place completely unfamiliar to me, I can't say I feel ill at ease.

More training today, ranging from Public Information via MedEvac to how to report people breaking the UN rules and regulations. Most of it useful and interesting stuff, some less so. And for some reason it seems that the least interesting subjects are taught by the people with the heaviest accents, which makes it even harder to pay attention in class.

We were done a little earlier today, so I got some snaps of the area just outside the Norwegian House and the little garden in front of it.

 The Admin Officer in charge of the House wants to take us out to eat again today... I think he is enjoying the company and showing off the places he has found. Nothing wrong with that.

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  1. Very interesting. Like the snaps. How's the food there?