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Friday 17 September 2010

Last (I promise) new gear

This time; A coffee mug! Or possible a coffee pot... or tea pot. It's for making and consuming hot, caffeinated beverages!

The makers of it call it a "travel press", and that nicely describes what it is; it's a coffee press that doubles as a travel mug. Coffee to go has never been more true. As those who knows Norwegians know all too well; we drink coffee by the bucket. So it was very lucky that my better half decided that she wanted to see if the local kitchen supply store had something else on sale still, because last we were there the travel presses sold for more than twice the price.

I have to admit; I'm testing it out right now =)
Oh, shiny!

Silicone seals, unscrews easily, leak proof closure - what is not to like?

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