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Thursday 7 July 2011

Last Short Duration Patrol before separation

With the separation coming up on us, and as such today was the very last Short Duration Patrol conducted by Yei Team Site as part of the CPA monitoring. A pretty routine patrol, with a less than routine detour to do a tiny bit of mountaineering on an hill I've been eyeballing since I passed it the first time in November last year.

Wonderful view from the top, and good exercise as well. We got some good pictures from the summit and from down on the slope. The hills and mountains in the area is made up of course grained intrusive, felsic, ingeous rock.... also known as granite. This fits my previous theory that the hills around in Eastern Equatoria are old magma pipes, with the rest of the volcano worn away by weathering over the aeons.

We also made a little detour for the language assistant to buy goats; they were half the prize of the going rate in Yei.

Lots of photos today - I was dual-wielding cameras today, so they are both from the regular compact camera and the video camera.
 The JMT and various local authorities.
 One of my Nepalese friends eyeballing the hill we're about to climb.
 Nice looking hill from this angle.
 Near the summit.
 King of the world!
 I headed down before the two others, to get some decent shots.
 Erratic blocks, fractured of the main body of the hill due to weathering.
 More hills in the distance.
 And even more hills - clearly this area had a lot of volcanic activities back in the day.
 One Nepalese and one Russian on the summit.
 Strangest passenger I've ever driven around down here in South Sudan.
 Definitely a billy goat... but then most goats for sale is, since a nanny goat will make more goats.

The next batch of photos is from the video camera:
 Driving through downtown Yei.
 The bridge over Yei River.
 For being the rainy season, roads were pretty dusty.
 The sides of the road is much greener than they were at the height of the dry season. That said, here isn't really that much difference between the two seasons around Yei.

 My Russian friend engaged the kids playing football while the Language Assistant was haggling over the goat.
 Speaking of goats...
 As mentioned, nanny goats makes more goats.
 Everything has to be documented... even the act of documenting.
 Just a bit of mountaineering.
 View from near the top.
 Another view from near the top
 Yet another view from same spot.
 Last one, I promise.
 A huge pile of huge boulders.
 A Russian on the summit.

The next batch is from the regular camera again - it should be possible to stitch these together into a panorama view of the area around the little hilltop.

The actual making of said panorama is left as an exercise for the reader - I'll make one once I'm home and have access to proper photo editing software.

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