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Monday 11 July 2011

National Staff Separation Celebration Party

A good thing cannot be celebrated enough - so while the Welfare Committee arranged a party on Saturday, the National Staff Association arranged for a second party on Sunday... with food, music, speeches and the works. And off course they hadn't bought enough drinks, so we had to open the bar halfway through the party... by the time we closed the bar again (at one in the morning) we were sold out of everything except the hard liquor.
 The MC for the evening was one of our language assistants.
 Many people wanted to tell us how happy they are to live in their own country.
Our BanBat doctor, relating how he vividly remembers when his country achieved independence.
Dancing with joy.
 More dancing.
 Still dancing.
Yes, still at it - their drum was an upside down garbage bin.
Another video of the dancing.
 And so on.
 They kept going - even if dancers came and went, the dance kept going.
 Apparently the broken off branches symbolise something or other... but no one could tall me what.
 Last of the dancers.
 Parties is for everyone, even if we're fast asleep on Mummys back.
 Lots of people.
 We had to move the foosball table outdoors, but people played at it anyhow.
 Just some shots of the crowds
 It was a nice evening with no rain for once.
 Lots of people indoors too.
 The DJ - African music all night, turned up so high that the speaker sounded like crap.
Didn't stop people from dancing though.

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