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Sunday 3 July 2011

Just another Sunday with no new info

It's now one day less until the 9th, and we know just as much as we did yesterday about the future. We got even more rumours than yesterday though, and it's getting hard to distinguish between:
  1. Things people have heard that is likely to be true.
  2. Things people have heard that might be true.
  3. Things people have heard from someone who wishes it was true...
It is enough to make you want to scream, even more so when people who ought to know better chooses to listen to and spread around (3), because it sounds better. It might be my western cultural background, it might be my cynicism but I don't trust anything that hasn't come down from up high - and then only if it's stamped and countersigned. Others are more trusting, and thus likely to be disappointed when the rumours don't hold water.

It is getting increasingly challenging to keep my team working smoothly together. Tempers are shorter and people who normally is the best of friends are getting snappy at each other. Hopefully tomorrows impromptu birthday party* will help something - I was hoping to keep it on the quiet side, but I see how a decent blow-out can help people relax and reconcile so I'm turning it into a bit more of an event. Tomorrow I have to head down to the supermarkets and pick up chips and snacks - I have no idea how many people who will show up (I've also invited a number of the NGOs in Yei), so I better err on the generous side of things.

*) Mine, if it wasn't clear. I'm getting old...

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