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Sunday 10 May 2009

Going to Finland

Flights that short are a bore - too long to just zone out, too short to actually do anything. But here I am, and it's good so far. just shy of three dozen officers in class, apperantly, some norwegians, some danes, a few finns and probably a handfull of others too. I'll know more tomorrow.
The rooms are good, for what they are, two officers to the room and plenty of room to swing a cat around it. Showers and toiletts down the hall, but a sink in the room. And even better; free coffee at the students coffee bar on the second floor :)
Downsides so far; only finnish television, the on site network throws a wobble when confromted with Linux on my netbook (but I'll keep trying - got a few aces up my sleeve, and in the meantime I have the provided laptop) and breakfast in another building. I'll live...
Next up: put sheets on the bed and see about getting some sleep.

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