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Friday 29 May 2009

Just waiting for the bus...

Again, I'm reminded of how little I enjoy waiting - I've done packing (twice), settled my bills (to be reimbursed later by the Norwegian Armed Forces), and had all the coffee I can reasonable drink without injuring myself... all that is left to do is to watch Finnish television, stare at the walls and wait for the clock to hit noon and the bus to arrive.

The closing ceremony and dinner was somewhat formal in the beginning, but with the aid of 'traditional Finnish white wine' - also known as vodka - it soon settled into a more comfortable, if somewhat loud, groove. Music was by a Finnish military band, and after a few compulsory marches and other military music they changed to popular music from the '60s, '70s and '80s - itself a good indicator of the age range among the students on the course. And as always, while some of us found it prudent to head to the barracks when the official party was winding down, others decided to make the most out of their last night in Finland... some even made it last until the very early morning.

And on that note I'll lay this blog dormant for now - I'll resurrect it when I'm heading out on a real mission; most likely next fall.

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