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Friday 26 August 2011

BBQ night!

One thing I really like about the others who lives in the MSA camp here in Yei is that it's never hard to go from a vague idea to full tilt action. More or less out of the blue we decided around the time the helicopter arrived this morning that tonight was going to be barbecue night. Just because today was Friday, and that's all the excuse you need for doing something like that.
 Making fire - fire good.
 What else is there to do while waiting for the coals to get ready than to have a beer?
 Tiny little Indian beef sausages... one of the few meats I'll buy down here that is not alive when I bring it home.
 Getting in line for chow...
 Sausages, chilli, breads, mac n cheese, mustard, catchup, salad and more... a veritable feast!
And yet, with all that food, AC was mostly well behaved and didn't try to beg or steal.

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