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Sunday 13 June 2010

End of initial training - good to be home

Lets face it - cramming three weeks worth of lessons into two weeks are going to leave you winded. I've been home for a couple of days and I'm not sure if I've landed yet or not.

The medical cases on Wedensday was very good. Instead of doing a huge case (which would have meant a few people got any real training, while the rest would be mere spectators), they had us work one on one, complete with make-up, bleeding wounds and some decent acting. Some less decent acting too, off course; we're officers, not actors on the silver screen... thankfully.

As for the IED and mine/UXO awareness... very centred on Afghanistan, less useful for me, but the bits on mines and UXOs was worth sitting through. Off course things are simplified a bit as an observer, since the UNs Standard Operating Procedure for travelling in an area that you suspect is mined simply says "Don't".

Thursday was something of a ragbag of lessons they hadn't had time for earlier - including one on the laws of war - and ending with beer and pizza in the evening, since it was the last night of the course for the UN personnel. The guys heading out for NATO still had another week to go, but not me...

Friday was spend mostly driving.. driving from Terningmoen back down to Sessvollmoen (about one hour) to grab the last odds and ends of our gear, as well as changing anything that didn't fit. Then from Sessvollmoen to Lutvann (another hour) to get the latest intelligence brief on Sudan, before driving home (a bit more than one hour) in time for food.

Overall, a busy two weeks but hopefully productive.

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